3D Printers

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  • The 3D printers are set up in the Library building L1523.
  • On the first floor on the Library building walk past the Multimedia Lab and take a left at the garbage/recycling area. There is a sign labeled "24-Hour Suites".


  • The 3D Printer room is scheduled at Media Loan or the Multimedia Lab.
  • Media Loan is located at Library 2504 or you can call 360-867-6253.
  • The room is available 24 hours seven days a week but you need to schedule time and checkout the key while Media Loan is open.
  • Here are the Media Loan Policies and the scheduling policies.
  • Use the time that you have scheduled.
  • There are late fees for over due keys so return the keys on time.
  • If you schedule time when the building is closed Media Loan will give you an extra key FOB to open the Library Building exterior door.


Makerbot Replicator 2

  • There is one Makerbot Replicator 2 printer in the room.
    • Use the Makerbot software to export your model as an X3G for the Replicator 2
    • Transfer your files onto the printer with the SD cards.

Lulzbot Mini

  • There is one Lulzbot Mini.
  • Connect to it with the Cura application on the computer in the room with a USB cable.


  • Use only Cura with the Lulzbot; make sure it's configured for the Lulzbot Mini.
  • The Makerbot software is installed if you need to convert files.
  • There is a memory card reader for loading files on to SD cards.


  • It is OK to prop the door open while printing is you are in the room or in the hallway.
  • If you leave the area while printing make sure to close the door.
    • Do not leave for more than 15 minutes. The printers can jam and stop printing.
  • You'll need to copy the X3G file to the SD card. There is a computer with an memory card reader in the room.
  • Make sure that there is enough filament on the spool and that it feeds freely.
  • Don't make the filament very loose on the spool--it can tangle and bind up
  • Use the key pad to choose "Build from SD". find the file and print.
  • The printer will heat the extruder, draw an initial line and start the print
Problems to Watch for
  • Watch the first two layers closely to make sure that they stick to the bed.
  • If the first layer fails, cancel the print, clear the bed and try again.
  • Watch for print not sticking to the bed.
  • Watch and listen for the feed stopping. This often makes a repeating clicking sound and no plastic coming out of the nozzle.
  • Continuously check that the filament is feeding off of the spool.

If Things Go Wrong
  • If there are problems with the printer go to the Multimedia Lab or contact Aaron Kruse
  • Do not try to do repairs or maintenance on the printers.