Capturing from VHS/DVD on Conversion Station

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The Conversion Station has an analog video to DV convertor (ADCV-110). There is a DVD player and a VHS deck connected to an input select box which is connected to the convertor. There is also a S-Video cable and 2 audio cables connected to the Aux input on the input select box.

Recording Set Up

  1. Select VCR, DVD or Aux on the input select box.
  2. Set the input of the converter to Analog.
  3. The video output of the convertor can be viewed on the video monitor.

Premiere Set Up

  1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and select New Project.
  2. Click the Browse button
  3. Select the Storage drive on the left.
  4. Click New Folder, give it a name and select Choose.
  5. Name the Project and click OK
  6. In the New Sequence window click cancel.


  1. Under Window select Capture and the capture image will mirror the video monitor output.
  2. Hit Record button at the bottom of the Capture Window. Hit Stop stop.
  3. in the Save Captured Clip window name the clip and click OK
  4. Clip should then appear in Premiere Project Window.
  5. The clips will be in the folder you previously made.

Copy Protection

If you are copying from a commercially produced tape or disc there may be copy protection. The image might look wavy or the color will fade in and out. The convertor has a mode to remove the copy protection.

  1. Press and hold the analog/digital input select button on the convertor.
  2. Hold the button until the color bars appear on the video monitor and wait until they disappear.