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Information on clearing and organizing your inbox.

Evergreen limits student email boxes to 150MB (megabytes) in size. This limit covers all folders in your email - inbox, drafts, sent items, deleted items, any custom folders you created, notes, etc. It is not difficult to reach this limit, especially if you receive images, video or audio attachments and then keep them in your mailbox. As you approach the limit, there are three levels of warning/action that occur:

  1. At 120MB: Your account remains active, but you receive email from the System Administrator to remind you to clean out your mailbox.
  2. At 140MB: Warning emails continue, and your account can no longer send messages, but may receive them.
  3. At 150MB: Your account can no longer send or receive messages, with the exception of warning messages from the System Administrator.

To resolve this, email will need to be deleted. Frequently, attachments are the culprit. These emails are typically found in the Sent Items or Drafts folder, accessible by logging into your webmail and clicking "Folders". After deleting any item, you must also delete it from the Deleted Items folder (or click the recycle bin in the top toolbar), as items in the Deleted Items folder still count against your size limit.

Permanently Deleting Messages

If your webmail account is still reporting that your inbox is full, you will have to permanently delete messages from the "Recover Deleted Items" folder.

This folder is kind of hidden, and can be accessed once you have emptied your deleted items folder. This can be done by right-clicking on "Deleted Items" and selecting "Empty Deleted Items" as shown below:


Once you have emptied that folder, you then have to empty the "Recover Deleted Items" folder. You can do this by again right-clicking on "Deleted Items" and selecting "Recover Deleted Items" at the bottom of the pop-up:


A new window will open showing items in your "Recover Deleted Items" folder. Select all of the messages showing, and right-click and select "Purge," as seen below:


This will permanently delete the selected items, thereby clearing up space in your inbox. You will have to continue this process on a regular basis to ensure you are still receiving emails.

Alternatives would be to migrate the largest/most important messages to another email client, such as Gmail, where you are provided much more space. You can do this by forwarding individual messages to a Gmail (or other email client) address.

Another option is to add a forwarding address via your my.evergreen.edu account. Any messages you have received to your username@evergreen.edu email before forwarding will remain in your outlook inbox. Any future messages will be forwarded to your chosen address.