Getting a Computer

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Faculty and Staff

New computer purchases or upgrades should be coordinated through the office in which an individual is employed. Faculty may place their order through the Academic Budget Dean, while Staff should work through their office budget director. For pricing or equipment consultation relating to computer purchasing please contact Marshall Robinson, Procurement & Supply Specialist for Computing & Communications. Any technical questions may be directed to the Client Services Help Desk.


Despite coming to Evergreen in search of educational enlightenment unencumbered by personal possessions, those of us who do somehow manage to make it to college without owning a computer are at some point going to be faced with needing to use one at awkward hours. Unless you drive and you like living in the Computer Center (which is mercifully open until 2am five days a week) you're going to have to figure out how to finagle a computer to use at home or afield. The following is intended to be nonpartisan advice on how you can achieve your educational goals.

Earn IT

Check out Free Geek Olympia. In exchange for volunteering 24 hours of your time you will get "a roughly 500Mhz computer, with 128MB of RAM, a 17 inch monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers" made from recycled parts. You'll be helping the environment and the Olympia community- and that is so Evergreen. Additionally, a new kid on the block has opened up, Greengeek in downtown Olympia is another alternative for getting rid of (and getting) used technology.

Borrow IT

Everyone should know by now that you can get a laptop from the Circulation desk to use in the library. But did you know that active KEY students can check out laptops overnight? Students with disabilities can also work with Access Services to get adaptive technology to meet their needs.

Buy IT

On campus, the best place to look for sweet deals on computers and related stuff is on the bulletin boards in the CAB and the Library Building. Don't forget to check Craigslist, the TESC community on livejournal, and Ebay. See more purchasing advice in the New Student Guide.

Note: This article was originally authored by the students in Information Landscapes.