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  1. Press the projector ON button to turn data projector on. (Projector takes 30 seconds to fully warm up) Projector button stops blinking when fully turned on.
  2. Select “laptop” button on media control panel.
  3. After selecting your “laptop” button, press the “Mac Mini” button so the monitor login shows up on the screen
  4. Locate VGA cable and connect VGA cable to your laptop’s VGA input (audio cable attached to VGA cable). Insert audio cable into laptop headphone jack for audio.
  5. Locate HDMI cable and connect HDMI cable to your laptop. HDMI cable carries audio, so once connected you will have picture and audio via the HDMI cable.
  6. Use volume knob to adjust audio level for room audio. Laptop also has volume control.
  7. Turn on your laptop now.

To Play DVD From Laptop:

  1. Same as above
  2. Same as above
  3. Insert DVD into laptop’s DVD drive
  4. DVD icon will show on screen

To Play DVD From Media Cabinet:

  1. Same as above
  2. Press “DVD” button on podium
  3. Put your disc in the player
  4. Use either the podium control buttons or the remote control (in the equipment rack drawer) to navigate

To Play VHS From Media Cabinet:

  1. Same as above
  2. Press “VCR” (vhs) button on podium

Document Camera:

  1. Same as above
  2. Press “Doc Cam” button on podium
  3. Press the “On/Off” button on document camera
  4. Place document on the white surface
  5. Document camera controls are on front of document camera itself

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