Registration Overview for New Students

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This content is out of date!
Please see the Registration and Records website for the most up to date information.

To register for class, a new Evergreen student must:

  • Attend a required Academic Planning Workshop. If you can't attend this required workshop until after you register for class, that's OK. Don't wait to register!
  • Fulfill Evergreen's measles immunization documentation requirement. See the Health Center site for details. Here is the immunization form, also usable as a waiver of this immunization requirement.
  • Check your registration time ticket and status. For Fall Quarter, registration happens in May. For other quarters, registration happens three to four weeks before the quarter begins.
  • Attend the Academic Fair, at which many of the faculty teaching upcoming classes gather together in the Gymnasium to answer questions. Academic Fair schedule.
  • Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) are available within each class description in the online catalog. Note that different CRNs can apply for different terms, for different student levels, and for different credit amounts, so browse CRNs carefully!
  • As soon as your registration time arrives, login with your CRNs written down (and approvals in place, if needed) and register.
  • Waitlists can be very confusing. Please read the Waitlist Guide if you find that you must place yourself on a waitlist.
  • Remember that the tuition deadline is at the end of the first week of each quarter - Friday by 4 pm.