Rotoscope Station

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Rotoscoping Stations

  • There are two rotoscoping stations.
    • 2D Animation Rotoscope Lib (L1408) which also has a capture stand.
    • Animation Rotoscope (Com 310A) which is only for rotoscoping.

Rotoscope Rules

  • Never:
    • use liquids or messy materials on the table.
    • kick the projector
    • touch the glass lens
    • change projector menu settings
    • unplug anything
  • Always:
    • power up and shut down projector properly
    • double-check projector screen dimensions and focus
    • create a guide frame

Using the Rotoscope

  • Log into the log book and note that you used the rotoscope section
  • Turn on the main power switch on the desk,
  • Turn on the computer,
  • Then, turn on the projector. The projector will take a few moments to warm up.

Lib 2d Roto

  • The data projector is recognized as a third monitor on the left-most side.
  • Click the monitor icon in the menu bar, and make sure that Mirror Displays is checked.
  • Click the monitor icon in the menu bar, and confirm that the resolution of the data projector image is set to 1024x768 @ 60hz.

Com Roto

  • There is only one monitor and the projector.
  • The computer should default to mirroring enabled and be set to 1024x768.
  • To change the resolution and mirroring settings, click the monitor icon in the menu bar.


  • Open your footage in QuickTime and position the video monitor so that it is displayed on the rotoscope station with the desired dimensions.
  • On the projector, adjust the zoom and the focus on the edges of the lense.
    • Note: the zoom is adjusted by twisting the lens closer to the projector body, and the focus is adjusted by twisting the ring at the end of the lens.
  • Adjust the positioning of the animation registration board on the table.
  • Create a guide frame using a piece of paper to line up your artwork at a later time.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys of the keyboard to navigate through each frame.
  • Use the 4 and 5 keys of the Dragonframe remote to navigate through each frame.

Cleaning Up

  • Shut down the projector by pressing the power button until the display is black .
    • The fan inside the projector will run for a while to allow the lamp to cool down.
  • For the Library 2D Rotoscoping bench, turn mirroring off.
  • Shut down the computer and turn off the main power switch on the desk.
  • Record any problems in the log book.

  • Video footage that is displayed on the left-hand computer monitor is projected up onto the drawing surface of the stand.