Waitlists: How to Manage Them

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This content is out of date!
Please see the Registration and Records website for the most up to date information.

If a class is already full when you try to register for it, the system will report a registration error, and will offer you the chance to place yourself on a waitlist.

Here is what this error looks like:


Notice the item, "003 Waitlisted" and the Action set to "Wait List." This means that 3 people are already on a waitlist for this class. To add yourself as number 4, you must click "Submit Changes" to confirm the action "Wait List." Otherwise, you are not added to the waitlist automatically.

Regarding "multiple" waitlists - If you must be on more than one waitlist, please indicate your registration priorities and preferences by completing the Waitlist Preference Form (available on the Register to Add/Drop Classes Here Page during online registration times). This is important because, when space opens in one of your waitlisted classes, The Registration Office assumes you want in it, and will drop you from another class, if necessary, to put you in - and this may not match your preference!

Waitlists are managed by Registration and Records until the Friday morning before a quarter officially begins. This means that the last movement from waitlists into open spaces will occur that Friday morning. Start-of-quarter class lists (including waitlists) are then distributed to faculty that Friday afternoon, and waitlist management (and permission to register) is entirely in the hands of the faculty from that point forward.