Where Can I Find An Accessible Workstation

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If you are looking for an AT workstation, please refer to one of the areas below. All AT stations have adjustable tables: some powered, others manual.

If you need special arrangements for a computer classroom or technology space, please make arrangements with Access Services (867-6348) and they will coordinate with the appropriate lab manager.

  • AT Lab (in Library) 3 workstations. One of the workstations is located in a separate room for use with speech software. The AT Lab has many resources. Visit their Accessibility website for a comprehensive view of their resources or call them at 360.867.6016.
  • Academic Computing Center 2 workstations. They are located in sound muffling partitions to facilitate working with speech software like Dragon Naturally Speaking. Additional equipment includes scanners, an alternate keyboard, an ergonomic chair, and a trackball. The Computing Center also has one adjustable height table in each of its four classrooms.
  • Computer Applications Lab 3 adjustable tables. One workstation with the standard software can be set-up on request.
  • Tacoma Campus 2 workstations, located in the PC Lab on the 2nd Floor.
  • Access Services 1 Workstation. Access Services can provide you with the schedule of AT interns for drop in purposes. They can also arrange training for you in AT software by the interns at the AT Lab.