Making Content Accessible

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Making your class materials available to students with documented disabilities is not only good practice, it’s also a legal requirement.

What can I do to make my course materials barrier-free and compatible with access technology?

This varies by document/file type. PDFs (articles, syllabi), Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and web pages can all be created in barrier-free ways. Talk to Academic Computing and they’ll help you figure out solutions.

  • Books - Standard formats and typefaces.
  • PDF - Using Adobe Acrobat's accessibility report, OCR, and tagging features.
  • Word Documents - Properly using styles (headings, tables, columns, etc).
  • Spreadsheets - Proper use of semantics in Excel.
  • Webpages - Evaluating the accessibility of your web page and implement the proper changes via Firefox's wave toolbar.
  • Video - Pairing visual content with alternative supplementary content.

Providing Barrier-Free Access to Your Program or Course Content (PDF)