3D Lab Checklist

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Follow this checklist every time you use the lab.

Look at the 3D Lab Manual article for details on the steps below

  1. Sign the log book.
  2. Get the materials ready.
  3. Power on camera and lights. Make sure that the camera is set to Manual (M).
  4. Power on the computer.
  5. Open Dragonframe. Make a new project or open an existing one.
  6. Set Aspect Ratio masks.
  7. In the DMX window set up bash light and the DMX lights.
  8. Turn off overhead lights and check for reflections.
  9. Set camera settings with Dragonframe
    • Focus the lens.
    • Set exposure.
  10. Animate your sequence.
  11. Export
  12. Back up files to Orca
  13. Record your exit time in the log book as you leave.