5.1 Mix AV Cheat Sheet

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Powering ON

  1. Turn on Main Power – Left rack at top.
  2. Make sure the toggle at the bottom of the left rack is set to NORMAL.
  3. Turn on Projector – PROJECTOR ON, top left rack on SWITCHER.
  4. Choose your video source on SWITCHER.
  5. Turn on (VHS) or connect your source i.e. laptop.
  6. VOLUME: Use the Yamaha Mixer located on the right top rack to control the volume. The Yamaha Mixer needs to be in Multi-channel mode.

Connect a laptop

  1. Connect the VGA cord to your laptop. Connect the other end of the VGA cord to the Laptop input located at the bottom of the left rack
  2. For audio connect the Mini 1/8 cord to the headphone output of your laptop and connect the other end to the LAPTOP AUDIO located just below the Laptop input
  3. Use the Volume knob on the mixer located on the top right rack and the volume control on your laptop to set your audio levels.
  4. Make sure the Yamaha mixer is in Cable/Sat mode by pressing the input mode button.

Monitoring 5.1 DVD-AUDIO or DVD-V

  1. Set Output on Grace Remote to DVD
  2. Set Yamaha Master volume to -10db, input DVD.
  3. Verify DVD output on switcher
  4. Select DVD on the Yamaha receiver input.
  5. Insert DVD Into Pioneer DVD Player
  6. Use remote to control DVD playback.
  7. Set main level on Grace Remote to listening level
  8. Use channel solo/mute controls to solo/mute channels

Rane Mixer

  1. Push audio toggle into down position ( "Mixer" )
  2. Select video source on switcher
  3. Control audio level through the Rane Mixer
  4. EG: to listen to the vcr and watch pic from DVD
  5. Audio Toggle to "Mixer"
  6. Set switcher to DVD
  7. Set input on Yamaha to Cable/Sat
  8. Bring up the VCR level on the Rane Mixer
  9. You are now listening to DVD video on the monitors and hearing the audio from the VCR/CABLE

Leaving/Powering down

When you are done, make sure you save your work to a user drive in a folder of your last name, and copy it off to a server, or write it to a drive. Shut Down

  1. Turn the Yamaha receiver down to MUTE.
  2. Turn the Grace speaker controller level to 0.
  3. Discard any files you have made, and shut down the computer from the menu.
  4. If used, power down the projector with the Switcher OFF button.
  5. Turn off the MAIN POWER switch at the top of the left rack.
  6. Make sure you take all your things, and check that the door locks.
  7. Return the key promptly to Media Loan.