5.1 Mix Policy

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The 5.1 mixing suite is an audio mixing/multimedia production space with surround audio mixing capabilities and resources to play back/project most media formats, including DV, DVD, VHS, and any computer based projection materials. It has an Intel Mac with an 8 channel high definition audio interface capable of 8 x 192khz input/output channels, typically configured for 5.1 surround playback. There are many applications on the system, including Digital Performer, Audition, Premiere as well as a number of utilities and typical internet browsers.


You must attend an orientation prior to using the space, and have basic proficiency in A/V classroom systems. To complete mixing production work, you will need to be qualified using Digital Performer or Premiere. A basic review of one of the prior applications is required prior to you gaining proficiency and the ability to schedule the space. All scheduling for the 5.1 space is done at the Electronic Media desk, LIB1501. Please check with a staff regarding orientation, proficiency and scheduling.

Basic use policies

  • Be aware of your monitoring volume as there are adjacent A/V classrooms.
  • Only use the studios during your scheduled times. Log in and out of the logbook.
  • Return check-out keys promptly.
  • No food or drinks in the spaces. Alcohol, drugs and smoking are not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • Do not let other people into the suite.
  • Do not remove/repatch or modify equipment in the racks. Do not move or change connections to installed equipment.
  • If you notice something missing and the removal is not in the logbook contact Electronic Media staff immediately X6270.

Policy Violations

Any violations of studio policies will result in the temporary loss of studio access until you meet with Electronic Media staff and your faculty. Serious violations could result in loss of your access. Egregious violations such as drug, alcohol and tobacco use in the studios or control rooms and/or damage or theft of equipment will result in immediate and permanent loss of studio access.

Evaluation Week

Studios are not available for production use during evaluation week. Media Loan only checks out keys for evaluation purposes.

Summer Use

During the Summer, access is limited unless there is a specific class using the studios. Scheduling and reservation procedures may be slightly different than during the academic year.