APS Gimbal Proficiency Test

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Please read operating guide and complete written portion of test prior to operational proficiency. Bring answers with you with your name and TESC ID number clearly indicated to workshop or proficiency test.

Written Test

  1. Describe proper care for the Gimbal, discussing use and storage.
  2. Name and describe the function of the three axes in Gimbal mechanics.
  3. What Gimbal axis does not revert back to level until the Gimbal is powered on and why?
  4. What other equipment is necessary to use before balancing the Gimbal?
  5. Describe each step to 6-point calibration of the Gimbal.
  6. What are the main functions of the Gimbal remote and does the remote have to be used?
  7. What remote shooting mode is ideal for a moving subject that requires quick adaptation?
  8. How long does it take to fully charge the remote and how long will this charge typically last?
  9. What is the default Gimbal position for most shooting situations?
  10. What axis can you adjust to change your camera position after balancing?
  11. If you feel vibration or drifting during Gimbal operation, what is the most likely cause?

Operational Proficiency Test

  • Identify all equipment parts in the Gimbal kit
  • Identify the axes of the Gimbal
  • Demonstrate balancing a camera on the Gimbal using 6-point calibration
  • Demonstrate how to change modes with the Gimbal remote
  • Illustrate effective shots that employ each of the Gimbal remote modes
  • Demonstrate successful practices in assembly and disassembly of the Gimbal--the use of its stand, checking all screws and locks, and only using the handles to carry Gimbal