APS VariZoom Dolly Track Operating Guide

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A Track for the floor that a tripod or jib can slide on.


The VariZoom Dolly Track is a portable, lightweight dolly with specially designed wheels that enable smooth and very quiet operation. It is lightweight and easy to use, but without proper setup and operation, damage to the equipment and/or injury to the user and people around the equipment may occur.

Kit Contents

  • 10 Track pieces
  • 10 Underpad pieces
  • 2 Crossmember pieces
  • Folding Dolly
  • 3 Claw-Foot Adapters

How to Use It

Step One: Setting up the Track

  1. Start by connecting the first 2 track pieces with one of the crossmembers
  2. Add the underpads below the 2 track pieces
  3. Continue adding track pieces and underpads until you have the desired length
  4. Connect the final 2 track pieces with the second crossmember

Step Two: Setting up the Dolly

  1. Unfold the dolly and lock it in place using the knob at the center where the legs come together
  2. To fit the tripod, adjust the position of the foot locks by loosening the slide lock knobs
  3. Place the dolly onto the the track
  4. If the width of the track seems slightly off, adjust the position of the clamps on the end of the crossmembers

Step Three: Attaching the Tripod to the Dolly

  1. The foot locks can slide along the entire length of the dolly legs to accommodate the footprint of the kit tripod
  2. Once you have positioned the tripod feet, fix the position by engaging the foot locks and tighten the slide lock knobs and the foot lock knobs
  3. Depending on your setup, you may want to add a sandbag between the tripod legs to add stability, inertia, and a way smooth out your moves

Operating the Dolly

  • Always keep the tracks clear of debris and objects to prevent damage or derailing
  • When pushing the dolly-tripod, it's preferable to grab and push at a lower point on the tripod, as this will offer more stable operation
  • It is fine to move the dolly-tripod however you want, just be aware that pushing or pulling at the highest point will create the greatest chances of wobbling or tipping
  • Take care not to push the dolly off the end of track and over the crossmembers

Media Loan Gear it Connects With Well

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See the Media Loan Catalog for more info about the below items.

  • The APS Jib is a small crane designed to sit on top of the track to you can have moving shots with smooth and controlled rotational and linear movement.
  • Canon Rebel T6i or 6D
  • A normal tripod will work if you don't need the jib.

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