Adding New Pages - Mediawiki

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Learn about the two primary methods for creating new wiki pages or articles.

Create new page from a link

In the beginning was the word ...

Wikis are unlike most web authoring environments in that there does not exist a New Page button.

All new pages are brought into existence by:

  1. first creating a link to a non-existent page [[my new page title]]
  2. following the link to this as of yet uncreated space and adding content (hint: it's red)
  3. saving the page which then finalizes its creation

Create a new page by "Add to Category"


Because the above process seems to profoundly confuse many new wiki authors, we've added functionality which also lets you create a new page from any category page.

  1. Navigate to the category page where you'd like to add an article
  2. Enter the page name in the "Add page..." form
  3. Click Create