Adding metadata - Audacity

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Audacity is a great way to add metadata to your audio files. In fact, it is one of the few tools that will let you do this to .wav files (although most other programs will not be able to read that metadata).

To add metadata to a your Audacity project file

  1. Import your audio file into Audacity see: Import Audio
  2. Go File > Open Metadata Editor and enter your data and click OK
  3. Go File > Export and save your file with the newly added metadata.

Working with multiple tracks

If you are creating multiple audio files from a single Audacity project file you will add the meta data information at export.

  1. select the track you want to export
  2. go File > export selection
  3. set the file name and location
  4. the 'edit metadata' window should appear, update the metadata fields with the info accurate for that track and click ok

Bug Alert

We have confirmed reports that adding additional metadata fields (other than the ones provide by Audacity) will not be saved. This is a problem in version 2.0.0. Please only add metadata to the default fields provide. Hopefully this will be fixed in subsequent versions