Animated GIFs

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Animated GIFs

  1. Create an image sequence and name each file in order strarting with 001, 002, etc.
  2. Once you've created your image sequence, you can use Photoshop to output an animated Gif file.
Open an image sequence

Open an image sequence

  1. Go File > Open and select the first image in your sequence
  2. Check the Image Sequence box and click Open
  3. Set your frame rate 10 or 12 fps should suffice
  4. Open the animation timeline in Window > Timeline
  5. From the timeline "hamburger" button choose Set Timeline Frame Rate to adjust frame rate if needed

Output an animated GIF

  1. In Photoshop CS 6 go File > Save for Web and Devices
    • In Photoshop CC 2015 go File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy) ...
Set your looping options
  1. Choose a GIF flavor from the Preset drop down menu
    • note what happens to the file size and color table as you choose different GIF compression settings
  2. You should now be able to preview the animation in the lower right
  3. Set your Loop options - once or forever
  4. Click Save and name your animated gif file
  5. Open the animated GIF with a browser to view and test see how it turned out