ArcGIS 10: .e00 File Conversion

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ArcGIS 10: .e00 File Conversion (ArcInfo Interchange files)

1) Download the .e00 file to a folder with no spaces anywhere in the path.
2) Open ArcCatalog
3) Open “Toolboxes”
4) Open “System Toolboxes”
5) Open “Conversion Tools”
6) Open “To Coverage”
7) Double-click “Import from E00”; a conversion window will open.
8) Browse to the “Input Interchange File” (the .e00 file) and select it.
9) Browse to the “Output Folder” where you want the converted files to be created (the default is to the folder where the .e00 file is).
10) Type in an “Output Name” for the converted file. No spaces allowed in the file name!!!
11) Click OK. The file will be exported as a “coverage” file set
12) In ArcMap, “Add Data” and browse to the place you exported the converted .e00 file. This file is a “coverage file” (an older name for shape file).
13) Inside the coverage file, You will find a number of things that look like shape files. They may have names like “_annotation,” “_polygon,” and “_tic”
14) You want the “_polygon” file if your data is polygon data (or “_point” and “_polyline” and “_line”, accordingly.
15) In ArcMap, you may add the new “coverage” data your map normally
16) You may get a warning about mismatched projections. If so, try it anyway, but if things are misaligned, you may need to redefine the Geographic Coordinate System of your base map to match the new data. Often, however, ArcMap handles the conversion for you when you add the new layer.

If you downloaded your data from the GIS Data Depot (Geocommunity), you will probably need to get some metadata to make sense of what you are seeing. For most files you download from that website, there is a “More Info” link that can help you with that.