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  1. Moodle Courses: As of Spring 2015, Moodle is no longer supported at Evergreen. Faculty can access Moodle content by contacting Academic Technologies.
  2. MediaWiki Sites:
    These sites will be scraped and flattened by July 15 and sent to and organized by year-based directory structure. The suffix _wiki will be added to the top level of these sites in the event the program had multiple resources of the same name.
  3. WordPress Sites:
    • Curricular WordPress sites: These sites will be scraped and flattened by July 15 and sent to and organized by year-based directory structure. An XML export will also be created and kept with the files in the event faculty want to recreate the site in WordPress (images and attachments are not stored in this file). Faculty will be notified prior to the site being deleted. In the event faculty want to continue using the site for a continuing year, the site will be left live (an archive copy of the past year will still be created).
    Note: curricular sites should be scraped before individual student blogs are deleted to capture any student work linked to from the curricular site.
    • Individual WordPress sites are currently only available for the lifespan of an Evergreen login. The deactivation process happens in mid December and disables any blogs that do not have an active Evergreen login associated with them. The sites are then permanently deleted 3 months later at the beginning of Spring quarter. See: What happens to my blog when I graduate?
    • Group WordPress sites will remain available as long as one member has a current Evergreen login. Group members are responsible for making sure they have active users to maintain the longevity of a site.
  4. Email Lists
    Email lists are currently not archived. A list often remains idle until the Faculty member needs it again. If a list name is transferred to another Faculty member the prior content is not necessarily saved.
  5. Program Shares
    Completed academic program shares will be removed from \\orca\programs every quarter. A short term archive (STA) folder will house the completed program shares that are one quarter old. This will not be a shared directory but available only to staff. The archive schedule will be as follows;
    • Each quarter week 2: The existing contents of the STA folder are purged and the previous quarter programs that are completed are moved to STA folder. This will enable AC staff to quickly restore data from the previous quarter upon request from students and faculty. After one quarter, restore requests will get funneled through Academic Computing staff to Network Services to perform a restore from tape.
    • September 1: All completed program folders from the previous academic year (including summer) will get moved to STA to provide clean slate for new program shares at the beginning of fall quarter