Audio Assigments

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Digital Performer is designed to work with a variety of audio interfaces that are capable of multiple inputs and outputs. When you create a new project Digital Performer is set up to use the correct audio interface for that lab. But when you take a project to a lab with a different interface your project will still be looking for the old interface. You have to manually set the correct inputs and outputs for every track that you are using. If the input and output names are italicized then they need to be changed to the current card.

Assigning Outputs for the Multimedia Lab

  1. Click in the Tracks or Sequence window and select all of the tracks. Edit > Select All or ⌘A.
  2. Go to Studio > Audio Assignments.
  3. Select Assign Outputs and choose Built-in Line Output 1-2.
  4. Select Assign all selected tracks to this output.
  5. Uncheck Skip Master Fader tracks.
  6. Click OK.