Audio Interface - Mixing Bench

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This lab has a Apollo x8 audio Interface which has multiple inputs and outputs. 


  • On the front there are two HI-Z inputs inputs (labelled HI-Z 1 and HI-Z 2)
    • Theses are for low level signal like electric guitars.  Only use mono 1/4 cables.
  • There are 4 XLR mic inputs on the back of the interface.
    • There is a panel with 4 XLR jacks below the interface.
    • These are connected to the 4 mic inputs.
    • Microphones can be connected to these inputs using XLR cables (not included in the room).
    • Each input has:
      • Trim control knob for setting input levels
      • Pad for reducing input levels
      • 48V Phantom Power for powering condenser microphones
      • Low cut filter.
  • There are eight 1/4" line level inputs on the back.
    • Theses are not connected to anything  


  • Outputs 1 and 2 are connected to the Mackie Big Knob monitor controller.
  • The other outputs are not being used.


  • The various audio applications may refer to the inputs and outputs with slightly different names.
  • We have tried to set the preferences to meaningful names but sometimes they may revert back to the default names.  
  • Read the Apollo x8 Interface article for additional information