Aux Track for Effects

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Adding an aux track for an effects send

  1. Go to Project > Add Track > Aux track.
  2. In the Mixer window find the new Aux Track. Option click the name to change the name.
  3. Assign the the track output to the stereo output you are using for all the tracks (For Example; Built-in Line Output 1-2)
  4. Assign the input to a mono bus that is not being used. Choose New Mono Bundle then a new bus (Bus 3 for example).
  5. Insert a reverb on the aux track inserts. If the reverb mas a Mix setting, set it to 100%.
  6. Pick an audio track and choose an effect send. Assign the sends output to the bus that is feeding the Aux track (Bus 3 for example).
  7. Make sure that the send is post-fader. The little P icon next to the send should be white and not yellow.
  8. Turn up the little send knob to send the track to the aux track.
  9. Repeat on other tracks as needed.