Basic Editing - PE

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Trimming Source Clips in the Preview Monitor

Remove unwanted footage from source clips.

  1. Double click on a video clip in the Project Assets Tab
  2. A preview window appears of the video with playback controls and handles for setting in and out points.
  3. Adjust the handles or place the playhead and press I to set an in point, or O to set the out point.
    • The in and out points can always be adjusted to reveal the full length of the clip.

Insert Edit

Shifts other clips in the timeline out of the way-

  • Click and drag a clip from the project assets tab into a video track in the timeline.
  • Release the mouse when an icon with a right pointing arrow appears.
  • Other audio/video clips will move forward or backward out of the way.

Overlay Edit

Covers up one clip with another-

  • Click and drag clips over other clip into the timeline by pressing and holding the command key.
  • Release the mouse when a centered arrow icon appears.

Split Clips

Split a clip into separate pieces-

  • Position the current time indicator (playhead) over a clip where it will be cut.
  • Bring the cursor over the clip and click on the split clip button (looks like scissors).
  • The clip is now separated into two pieces, that can be re-grown by edge editing.


When moving clips in the timeline this will align to other objects (playhead, other clips, markers, etc) and prevent gaps.

  • From the top menu Timeline > Snap, or press S.