Basic Start-Up Procedure

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347 Start-up Procedure/Proficiency Walkthrough

  1. Log into the Logbook and note any problems other students have had in the studio since the last studio sweep.
  2. Make sure the Mackie mixer, patchbay, synths, etc. have been normalized, and, if not, note it in the logbook and normalize them before you begin.
  3. Make sure the Monitor Controller volume is DOWN.
  4. Switch on the rack power.
  5. Turn on and log into the computer.
  6. On the patchbay, patch Mackie CR Out L & R to Monitor Controller Input L & R. (patchpoints)
  7. Patch Easel Out 1 & 2 to Mackie Inputs 1 & 2. Make a simple patch sending signal to both outputs.
  8. On Mackie Channels 1 & 2 do the following from top to bottom:
-Adjust the “GAIN” knob to unity (U).
-Pan Channel 1 all the way to the left and Channel 2 all the way to the right using the pan knobs, if you want the audio to be in Stereo.
-Assign Channels 1 & 2 to the “L & R MAIN MIX” bus by pressing the “L & R” button on each fader.
-Bring up each fader to unity. You should see green LED signal lights.
  1. On the right side of the Mackie Mixer, in the Control Room section, press the “MAIN MIX” button down.
      • To listen back to stereo audio from the computer, there is a normalled connection to the Monitor Controller. If you have modified the output routing in the computer from the provided template, then you may need to patch MOTU outs to the Mixer.