Campus Phone Directory

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To edit the campus phone directory, login at, look at the links under My Reports on the right and click on Directory.

Note: changes to the directory are published to the live website every two hours at the top of the hour. (midnight, 2am, 4am, etc.)

Adding a New Hire

The Person Mismatches report makes it very easy to add new employees. The report compares active employees with directory entries and lists active employees with no directory entry or directory entries without an active job. So to add a new employee, simply find them in the Person Mismatches report and click the “Add” link. This will import basic information from Banner. From there you simply add phone, office and mailstop information.

Adding a Cross Reference

Please DO NOT add another directory entry where the Title or Notes is “See xxxx”. This will not work correctly in the online directory. Instead you should go to the original entry and click the “Add Cross Reference” link. Doing this will provide the directory users a “See xxxx” link that they can follow.

Add a member or person to your office

You can add member offices, people and facilities to your office so they will be displayed when your office is viewed in the online directory. Find your office in the Directory Listing report and click on the name to get to the Directory Details report. The members of the office are listed at the bottom of this report. To add a new member, click the “Add Member” link at the top. In the search box, enter the name of the office, person or facility that you would like to add and hit save.

You can add a person to an office on their member page via the Add to Office/Group link at the top. In the search box enter the name of the office, click on the dropdown option that pops up, and hit save. The office relationship will show up on the person's page.