Capturing from VHS/DVD - Premiere Pro

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Video Cart

  1. Wheel the video cart to your computer station.
  2. Hook up AC and connect the firewire-thunderbolt-USB C adapters to the empty USB C port on the back of the iMac.
  3. Set the input of the HDV Deck to S-Video.
  4. Use the selector switch to choose DVD or VHS.
  5. The video monitor will out put the selected source.

Premiere Set Up

  1. Open Premiere Pro CC and select New Project.
  2. Click the Browse button
  3. Select the Storage drive on the left.
  4. Click New Folder, give it a name and select Choose.
  5. Name the Project and click OK


  1. Under Window select Capture and the capture image will mirror the video monitor output.
  2. Hit Record button at the bottom of the Capture Window. Hit Stop stop.
  3. in the Save Captured Clip window name the clip and click OK
  4. Clip should then appear in Premiere Project Window.
  5. The clips will be in the folder you previously made.