Class Lists for Faculty

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Class list tracking forms are available to all faculty teaching in a program (not just program coordinators) or course via Faculty can pull the list at a time that is convenient and have access to real-time data on students’ registration status. The class list is formatted so you can see students’ chosen first names (which may differ from their legal first name), if they have requested to have a chosen name added to their record. This will be displayed as Lastname, Legal First name, (Chosen name).

How to create a class list:

  1. Just before class (to get the most up to date data), select the Class Lists and Evaluations link in
  2. Select from the list the name of your program or course (offering).
  3. From the Class List tab, under "Generate class list" select the term for the list you want.
  4. There are options for you to filter the list by Course Reference Number (CRN) or by faculty member, if you wish. These filters are intended to help you with your work inside the program or course. Please use a complete (i.e. non-filtered) list for reporting your registration updates to registration.

What to do with the week 1 class list:

Returning your class list tracking form is very important to our work and to students’ finances. If you indicate on the form that a student’s registration should be dropped because they are not attending, you will not need to do a "no credit" for them at the end of the quarter or need to help them with a petition to drop the registration at a later date. In addition, the student will not be in a potential position of owing thousands of dollars for something they never participated in. You can also indicate on the form which students you are giving permission to join your program or course so we can help support them with getting registered. You may still give students overrides in or on a registration form. Indicating your permission on the form does not supplant those options; it is merely another method by which you can communicate your consent to us. A reminder: giving your permission does not finalize registration for the student. They must still follow through by completing their registration online via or through our office by 4 pm on Friday of week 1.

Please return your class list tracking form to Registration by Friday of Week 1.

You may return your class list tracking form in multiple ways:

  1. Intercampus mail to LIB 1101
  2. Hand delivery to Registration and Records office (LIB 1101)
  3. Via our after-hours drop box outside our lobby doors (look for the mailbox on the wall with envelopes below)
  4. Scanning your completed form and attaching it to an email to