Configuring IMAP for Thunderbird

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Thunderbird is a Free, Open Source desktop email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird is not able to connect via the Exchange Mail protocol and instead uses IMAP to connect to the Evergreen mail servers. We recommend that whenever possible you use an Exchange capable email client. You may experience incompatibility issues when interacting with colleagues using Exchange based mail and calendar invitations.

Download Thunderbird

Versions of Thunderbird can be freely downloaded for Mac, Windows and Linux from the mozilla website

Configuring Thunderbird for IMAP

These instructions are specific to the Windows version of Thunderbird. The set-up for Linux and Mac clients will be very, very similar, with only slight variations in how things are named.

  1. After you've installed Thunderbird a window that says "Welcome to Thunderbird" should appear
  2. Select "Skip this and use my existing email" at the bottom left portion of the window
    • Enter your full name in the "Your Name:" field
    • Enter your Evergreen email address in the "Email Address:" field
    • Enter your Evergreen password in the "Password:" field and click continue
  3. Thunderbird will try and configure your settings for you at this point. Next hit the "Manual Config" button to get to this image(Figure 1). After that, click the "Advanced Config" button to change the default settings.
  4. On the left hand panel, select Server Settings (Figure 2). Set the server name to Make sure the security settings are set to use SSL/TLS and Authentication Method is Normal Password. The other defaults should be fine.
  5. Now select the "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" settings (Figure 3). The outgoing server is Click the "Add" button to the right and add a new SMTP server and choose, make sure to change the "Connection security" to STARTTLS and the "Authentication method to Normal Password.