Curricular Spaces

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2-D & 3-D Art

Arts Annex

Create wonders at Arts Annex, a whole building dedicated to the arts. Use 3-D sculpture studio, the well-equipped metal and wood shops on the ground floor, a fully equipped ceramics studio, kiln room and additional classroom space on the first floor. Use the large drawing studio, a multi-use critique space on the second floor.


Longhouse Education & Cultural Center

s'gʷi gʷi ʔ altxʷ "House of Welcome" - Learn fiber arts and 3-D sculpture at the Indigenous Arts Campus.


Research Collections & Study Spaces

Archives Archivist

Read, hear, and view the historical documentation of our unique college.


Rare Books Room & Collections

Research, our 600,000+ item collections include books, articles, films, maps, music, audiobooks, language resources, games, and more.


Study & Viewing Rooms and Computer Check-out

Find a place to study alone or with friends. Some study rooms have audio-visual equipment. If you need a computer to study, you can check out a Chromebook through the Library.

Computer Labs

Academic Computing Center

Access all the software you need to get most work done for class in the computer labs on campus. For collaborative workspaces and general computing needs including printing, use the Academic Computing Center.


Computer Application Lab

Perform scientific and research computing (and access 3-D printers) in the Computer Applications Lab (CAL).


Assistive Technology Lab

For specialized devices, screen readers and more use the Assistive Technology lab.



There are computers located in the Library that you can use to research, do your work, and print from. If you need a computer to study, you can check out a Chromebook through the Library.


Multimedia Labs

2-D & 3-D Animation Labs

Create animation projects featuring rotoscoping, clay animation, stop-motion, puppet animation, strati-cut and more. (To use the lab you must be enrolled in an animation program or ILC and get training from staff.)

Creative and Applied Media (CCAM)

Create audio & video productions using our TV studio, green room, sound effects studio, audio lab, 5.1 surround mix studio, and audio/video post-production facilities in the Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM).


Digital Imaging Studio (DIS)

Create still imaging, graphics, and web design in the Digital Imaging Studio (DIS).


Multimedia Lab (MML)

Do projects in video editing, audio multi-tracking, 2-D animation, web design, graphical programming environments, and 3-D modeling, use the Multimedia Lab (MML).


Music Technology Labs

Use synthesizers, electronic recording devices, and array of software for producing and editing audio-based projects in the Music Techology studios. (To use the lab you must be enrolled in a music program or ILC and get training from Music Technology staff.)



Get creative in the darkroom and digital imaging studio for your photography. You do not need to enroll in a specific photography-based class or program to use the darkroom and Digital Imaging Studio.


Organic Farm, House, & Agriculture Lab

Organic Farm

Plant and harvest crops on Evergreen’s five-acre Organic Farm.


Organic Farm House

The Farm House serves as a meeting place for faculty and student retreats, meeting areas, seminar facilities and as a classroom and community kitchen.

Sustainable Agriculture Lab (SAL)

Study food and food systems in a full kitchen and a laboratory. The SAL can be used for lectures, workshops, and social gatherings, or any combination of all these functions.


Performance, Rehearsal, & Screening

Advanced Screening Room - COM 326

Watch films in this room used for media pro- grams to screen films and student projects. It features a 16mm EIKI Projector as well as a high definition digital projector and seats 48.


Dance Studio - COM 209

Rehearse or perform on this studio with world-class sprung wood floor and ample wall- mounted mirrors that can easily accommodate up to 75 dancers. It has a fixed lighting grid and features a full audio and video playback system. The space can be configured for performance, and can hold an audience of up to 50 people.


Dance Studio and Rehearsal Space - COM 210

Rehearse in this multi-use space, ideal for movement and dance rehearsal. This space features ballet bars and wall mounted mirrors.


Music Rehearsal COM 117

Rehearse or perform music in COM 117. Located next to our cutting-edge Multitrack Studio, this music and rehearsal space allows for advanced audio recording and post-production. Variable sound dampening makes this room ideal for a variety of musical styles in addition to other types of presentations to a live audience of up to 50. This room features full audio and video playback.


Performance Studio Com 332

Rehearse or perform in this mini black box style space with fixed lighting grid and wall-mounted mirrors. It is ideal for small student-run productions and can seat up to 60 audience members.


Performance and Production Studio COM 110

Rehearse or perform in this mini black box style space with fixed lighting grid and wall-mounted mirrors. It is ideal for small student-run productions and can seat up to 60 audience members.


Recital Hall - COM 107

Act, dance, screen, or lecture in the Recital Hall. It seats 200, has a state of the art lighting system, and 7.1 surround sound. The room has a large projection screen, playback system and audio recording facility.


Science Labs

Explore science with a full range of laboratory and field equipment including cutting-edge analytical tools such as scanning electron and laser microscopes, plasma and infrared spectrometers, and a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer.

Chemistry Labs

Use our state-of-the-art organic chemistry lab, instrument-heavy water quality analysis lab, an environmental contaminants/analysis lab, biochemistry and molecular biology labs, new tropical and temperate marine labs, advanced optics and modern physics labs, and general chemistry, biology, physics, geology, botany, and electronics labs.


Phage Biology Lab

Work to analyze natural disease-fighting bacteriophages in the phage lab.


Schedule a Space via Schedule Evergreen

For many spaces on campus, including individual study spaces and lab and studio spaces, you will need to schedule your use using or through your page.