Darkroom Layout

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- Upon entering the darkroom, you will have to go through two sets of black velvet curtains. These curtains are there to keep light from leaking into the darkroom, but they can lead to collisions if people are passing through them from two sides at once. We suggest that you announce yourself by saying “corner” before you pass through to let anyone who might be on the other side know that you are coming their way.

- Inside, the darkroom is dark! We use both red and amber safelights to illuminate the space, but it can take your eyes a couple of minutes to adjust.

- Please, no cell phone use in the darkroom! The light of your cellphone can fog paper and ruin other people’s prints.

- In the darkroom, you will notice 13 enlarger stations around the outside of the room. At each station you will find an enlarger, a light-safe drawer or paper safe, a red-light flashlight, a focus finder, an array of easels and sheet of glass for contact printing. In the center of the room is a large sink holding several trays of chemistry. At either end of the sink are trash cans. Each enlarger can be reserved and is meant for one person to work independently, it is where you will make your print. The sink is a shared space for everyone to use, it is where you will develop your print. The trash cans are for you to discard prints that you do not want to keep.

- On both ends of the darkroom are areas where you will find extra tools for darkroom printing, such as burning and dodging tools, and extra focus finders.

- Understand that this is a shared space. Be aware of the people working around you and please clean up after yourself. If you have questions, or have made a mistake, please don’t hesitate to ask/notify a lab aide. We are here to help.