Designing Green - SketchUp Part 1

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Intro to SketchUp

Tutorial: Intro to SketchUp - Basic tools for navigation

  • Orbit tool - orbit around your 3D objects
  • Zoom tool - move in and out
  • Pan tool - move side to side and up and down

Video: Drawing Shapes

  • What are the 4 rules of drawing shapes?

Tutorial: Start a Drawing Part 1

  • Rectangle tool - for drawing flat surfaces
  • Push/Pull - for pulling up flat surfaces into 3D volumes
  • Pencil or Line tool - for drawing lines. Make sure to "infer edges, corners, etc.
  • Move tool - pay attention to the axis you are moving on (blue, red or green)
  • Arc Tool - click for each end point then drag the mid-point of the arch up
  • Eraser

Tutorial: Start a Drawing Part 2

  • inferences
  • Paint Bucket for texture/color
  • Shadows

Tutorial: Start a Drawing Part 3

  • Window > Styles

SketchUp Resources