Evergreen Login - Getting Started

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Your Evergreen login is used as a single sign-on for almost all of your Evergreen information technology needs.

Getting Started

  1. If this is your first time logging in determine your login and password
  2. To get started using your Evergreen login go to https://my.evergreen.edu and login.

Do I have an Evergreen login?

  • Evergreen logins are automatically issued once you are admitted to the college. For "Special," non-admitted students, logins are created once you register for a class.

What can I use my Evergreen login for?

  • Logging into sites that use Evergreen's Single Sign-On including:
  • Logging into your office or Computer Center or CAL workstation.
  • Accessing your email via Outlook or Webmail.
  • Publishing personal web pages to academic.evergreen.edu.
  • Dialing into the campus network.
  • Connecting to network file shares.