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Tips for using Evergreen's wireless network.

How do I start using the wireless network?

Check the wireless diagnostic software. If your computer is equipped with a properly configured wireless card, driver and browser, turn the computer on and open the wireless diagnostic tool that came with the wireless card to ensure that you have a reliable signal. If not, you may need to move around until you get a reliable signal.

Ensure your network connection is set to wireless or “airport.”

Note that some laptops have on/off wireless switches on the keyboard.

Windows :When properly configured most Windows systems will detect wireless signal and connect to a network automatically. You may need to select the wireless network "TESCWireless" from the list of available networks.

Macintosh: Ensure that you open TCPIP services on a Mac (Apple Menu…Control Panels…TCPIP) and select connect via Airport connection and configure using DHCP Server. Then under the Apple icon select and open the AIRPORT application; make sure you are getting a signal.

There is a basic wireless troubleshooting guide available on the Timberland Regional Library's website. Of course, where it says "trlwireless", you want to substitute "TESCwireless".

For information about connecting to your personal file share space via wireless, see About File Space.

Wireless Off-Campus

If you're doing homework off-campus, or for other purposes, here are some nearby places where you can use wireless in Olympia.

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Zhonka Broadband's list of free wifi spots in Olympia (with addresses and maps)

Note: This article was originally authored by the students in Information Landscapes.