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Complete Sony Digital Voice Recorder Manual

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Record Settings

  1. Insert batteries
  2. Turn the recorder on by setting the hold switch to the off position
  3. Turn off the noise cut and DPC switches
  4. Press and hold the menu button
  5. Use the track buttons on the side to navigate through the menu options and press play to select
  6. Format the recorder to erase all previous files and then go through and modify menu options

Listing of menu settings to use with the recorders

Sony Digital Voice Recorder Settings
  1. During recording turn on the hold switch to lock the recorder

Setting Recording Levels

  1. Press and hold the Rec/Pause button to put the recorder into record standby mode
  2. With an external mic plugged in speak into the microphone and adjust the volume by pressing the track buttons up or down, and also take care to appropriately place the recorder close to your sound source
  3. Make sure that the audio levels bounce up around -12dB and that you do not see an OVER message
  4. Press record to begin recording, press stop to pause to finish recording
  5. Always complete a test recording first

Copy Files

  1. Plug the recorder into a computer using the provided USB cable
  2. Copy the files off the icon that appears just like a flash drive
  3. Eject the recorder before disconnecting from the computer
  4. Backup files to your program network share
 Connecting to fileshares on Orca

Re-format the recorder after saving files before returning equipment to Media Loan