Export Image Sequence - Dragonframe

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The image files Dragonframe saves to your project folder as you capture are neither cropped nor rotated. To produce a sequence of images that look just like your animation frames should, you'll have to export them as an image sequence.

Export Menu

  1. Select File > Export Image Sequence
  2. Export Image Sequence window will open


The source setting need to be set.

  1. Set Source to High-resolution JPG/TIFF
  2. Set Exposure to X1
  3. Select all frames to export the entire project
    • Select Range: to export specific frames


In the Transformation section adjust the crop aspect ratio to match your project settings.

  1. Check Crop to aspect ratio and set to 16:9 or 4x3 based on what you shot at.
  2. Uncheck Use push-in mask.
  3. Check Rotate/mirror to match animation window
  4. If you need full resolution images, leave the scale at 100%
  5. If you need to resize the images, then set the Scale section as below:
    • px = 4:3 = 1280 x 960
    • px = 16:9 = 1920 x 1080
  6. Check Keep proportions


  1. Format: TIFF
  2. Quality: Leave at 100
  3. File Name: Defaults to scene name, can change if needed
    • Leave exposure and digits at the default settings
    • Leave Create separate folders for each exposure checked
  4. Destination: Select folder to export images to