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Exporting a File

  1. In the top right area of the screen click on the Publish and Share panel.
  2. Select to share to Computer.
  3. Select the AVCHD format from the list.
  4. In the Preset menu choose: MP4 - H264 1920x1080p 30, or based on the destination of your video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)
  5. In File Name field give this a descriptive title - with your name.
  6. In the Save In field, click Browse and select your folder.
  7. To select a portion of the video to export span the Work Area bar over the portion to be exported and check the box, Share Work Area Bar Only.
  8. Click Save on the bottom right. It may take a few minutes to process the exported file.
  9. After exporting is completed, quit Premiere Elements and preview the entire video in Quicktime player before submitting to a faculty for evaluation.