Extract an object from the background - Photoshop

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1. Select the object you want to isolate from its background

  1. Choose the Quick Selection tool PS-quick-selection-tool.png
  2. Adjust the brush diameter (keyboard shortcut: [ to make smaller ] to make larger).
    • Note the + in the center of the brush, you will be adding to the selection
    • Hold down the Option key to remove areas from the selection

Select your foreground object with the Quick Selection Tool

2. Once you have a good selection, Refine the Edge

Choose the Refine Edge... button at the top in the Quick Selection Tool Properties

Click the Refine Edge... button

3. Set the View Mode

From the View Mode drop-down choose the background color that works best for your image

Choose the View Mode

4. Adjust the Edge parameters

  • Smooth, Feather, Contrast, try different sliders to see what works best for your image
  • If there are parts of the selection that need more help you can refine the edge by dragging the cursor of that part of the image
  • Check the Decontaminate Colors checkbox (this does a good job of further remove background pixels

Adjust the Edge setting and Decontaminate Colors

5. Set the Output

Under the Decontaminate Colors is the setting to choose how to output the newly extracted image

  • Recommended is New Layer with Layer Mask
  • Click OK
  • You are returned to your normal view and a new layer with a layer mask is created. Your foreground image has been removed from its background which now reveals only transparency.

New Layer with layer mask is created