FERPA Training for Student-Staff

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This guide explains what the training is, how to have students enrolled to it, and how to monitor their completion at the Canvas course.

What is the FERPA Training for Student-Staff?

This training was developed by Registration & Records to provide guidance for student employees who may be working with student information or data.

It is available as a Canvas course which covers:

  • What is FERPA?
  • Students and Education Records
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Disclosures
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Compliance
  • and more
What actions are needed to complete the training?

The training is considered completed after the student has successfully passed all quizzes and entered the required information at the Acknowledgment of Completion.

To have your student-staff enrolled to the training

Please submit a request (support ticket) at help.evergreen.edu which includes:

  • your name and Evergreen email and/or "A" number
  • name of the work area/office the student is employed with
  • student's name, along with their Evergreen email and "A" number if possible
  • Need multiple students enrolled? Please provide their information in one request.
  • The site Section your student-staff will be enrolled to will have the same name as the work area/office they are with
    • for example: students working with Registration will be enrolled to the Section, "Student-Staff with Registration & Records"

To monitor your student-staff's training progress and completion

When your student employees are enrolled as "Students," you will also be added to the course, in the role of "Teacher" (Section: "Supervisors"), so you can monitor your student-staff's progress and completion of the training at the course Gradebook.

In viewing the Gradebook, you'll be able to see at a glance what quizzes the student has completed:

  • click on "Grades" in the Course Navigation Menu
  • at the Gradebook, locate your student's name in the list
  • or, if you've had multiple students enrolled, filter the Gradebook by Sections (work area/office)
    • click "View," go to "Filters" and click on "Sections"
    • an "All Sections" drop-down should appear along top of the Gradebook
    • click on the drop-down and select the needed Section from the list
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