FTP to Grace (Windows)

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This content is out of date or no longer relevant and should be considered for deletion.

Connecting to grace w/ coreFTP
The 'host key' warning. Say 'yes' to this.

To work with files on grace from windows you'll need an FTP program that supports sftp (secure ftp). At Evergreen we use CoreFTP. It's free and relatively easy. If you have another ftp program that you prefer that will do sftp, by all means use it. The instructions below should look pretty similar for your program.

Obtaining CoreFTP: Go here and download CoreFTP LE 2.0: Free Version.

Installing CoreFTP: The installer is simple and self-explanatory. It'll attempt to install to C:\Program Files\CoreFTP. To accept all the defaults just click 'Next' 5 or 6 times.

Setting up your first connection When you start CoreFTP you'll be taken to the "Site Manager" window (see the box to the right). You'll need to fill in the following values to make a connection to grace:

  • Site Name: This is a label that you will use to refer to this connection in the future. It can have any value, but it should probably be descriptive. Something like "Linux files on grace" will work.
  • Host/IP/URL: This should say "grace.evergreen.edu"
  • Username: Fill in your Evergreen Login name here.
  • Password: You can either fill this in or leave it blank to have CoreFTP prompt you for it.
  • SSH/SFTP: The last thing you need to be sure to do is check the "SSH/SFTP" box. This will enable the secure connection to grace. If you don't check this box your connection won't work.

Once you have all those values filled in correctly choose "Connect". The first time you connect to this server you'll receive a warning about the server's host key not being cached. Click "yes" in this box.

Working with CoreFTP

The main coreFTP application window.

When you are properly logged in you'll see a window like the one to the right. This is the main CoreFTP application window. It's a little overwhelming, but you only really need to understand a couple of things about it. First, notice that it gives you two file browsers. The one on the left shows files on your local machine. The one on the right shows files on the server.

  • Navigate to your 'web' directory on grace. By default you should start out in your home directory in the right hand panel. You should see your web directory there. Double-clicking on it will take you in to this directory.
  • Now you'll need to navigate to where your local files are on your local machine. CoreFTP kind of stupidly starts you out in c:\, which is the top level of the file system. If you're like most people your files are stored somewhere inside your user directory. To get there double-click on 'Documents and Settings'. Then double-click on your user name. From there you can choose to navigate to wherever your files are.

Once you have located the file you want to transfer you simply drag it from one pane to the other. This works for copying files both to the server and from the server.