File Space - MML

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Computer Storage

  • In the MML and Non-Linear Editing suites the computers have 1.5 TB drives for storing files.
  • These drives have two partitions, one called the Storage and one called Local Work.
  • Normally students should save their work to the Storage. This drive is available to all user and should be used when collaborating with other students.
  • Each users Home folder is saved to Local Work. For a private place to store your files save them inside your Home Folder (Desktop, Documents, etc).
  • Always keep a copy on a second drive or network storage space.
  • The Storage and Local Work are erased at the end of every quarter on Thursday morning of eval week.

Network Storage

  • Academic programs may have program shares on the servers Orca or Rosebud.
  • There is a share on Rosebud for temporary file storage. Temporary Files on Rosebud is for transferring files between stations. Files will be deleted at the end of the quarter or when space is needed. Anyone pn campus can view the files on Temporary Files on Rosebud.
  • There is more information on campus network file space.