Film Editing Procedures

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Watch the film

You will want to project the film to log the footage and take notes.

  1. Project your rushes (The original film out of the camera). You may need to do this more than once.
  2. Discus what you shot:
    1. What it looks like.
    2. Whether it matches your original conception.
    3. Whether you need to revise your script.

Set up the Rewinds and Viewer

  1. The reels, daylight spool and spring clamps have a notch in them.
  2. When putting a reel on the arm, align the notch with the raised area at the end of the rewind arm.
  3. Make sure to match the notch on the reel so that it goes all the way to the end.
  4. Put the spring clamp on the the arm. Align the notch and push against the reel.
  5. Your source footage goes on the left rewind.
  6. Thread it onto a take up reel on the right rewind.
  7. Thread the film into the viewer.

Find the Shots

Next you will want to find and cut out all of the shots you might want to use.

  1. With the viewer identify the beginning and ending frames of each shot.
  2. Mark the frames with grease pencil.
  3. Cut out the shots you want, label them with paper tape and hang them in a bin.
  4. If you are in doubt about a shot use it. You can take it out later.
  5. Re-attache the outtakes and rewinds them onto a daylight spool.
  6. Label each spool and set aside.

Rough Cut

Now you can start editing the shots together.

Head Leader
  1. Start with 4-5ft of leader.
  2. It should be labeled with your name and the word "Head".
  3. Wind this onto the the take up reel on the right side of the bench.
Start Editing
  1. Start splicing the shots in order.
  2. Only splice one side of the film.
Tail Leader
  1. At the end add 4-5ft of leader.
  2. It should be labeled with your name and the word "Tail".
Keep Editing
  1. Watch the film on the viewer.
  2. Fine tune edits and move shots around as desired.
  3. Make sure to label any film you edit out in case you need it later.

Fine Cut

Prepare the film for projection.

  1. Before the film can be projected it needs to be backspliced.
  2. All cuts need to have splices on both sides.
  3. Make sure alls pocket holes are clear.
  4. Rewind the film to the left onto a daylight spool or core.
  5. Project the film.


  1. If you need to make changes set up there film on the edit bench.
  2. Carefully peel off the splice tape.
    1. Start with the shiny side. Try not to pull off any emulsion.
  3. Re-splice the film, double splice and project.