Forgot My Login Name

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Steps to take if you forgot your username for

Current Students

Your username is constructed as follows: the first three letters of your last name, the first three letters of your first name and on the end, the two digit year you were born.

Example: Ima Greener was born on December 01, 1981. Their login name is: greima01

Please review this helpful graphic for further information.

Former Students

After you leave Evergreen, your student login will be inactivated. You may request a new, "former student" login here:

Former student login names are created from the first and last name that is submitted with the request, with no spaces and all lower case letters. So the typical former student login name will be "firstlast."

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff login names are usually your last name plus the first initial of your first name but no longer than 8 characters. Login names are issued by Technical Support Services so please contact them at 867-6627 if you have any questions.