GarageBand for Podcasting

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Apple's Garageband 09 podcast video


Working with Audio

  1. Record Podcast Audio directly into GarageBand
    • Set audio input in GarageBand > Preferences
    • Record enable track
  2. Adding recorded voice track and Music
    • Audio files from Audacity
    • Jingles
    • Music from iTunes
  3. Editing audio
    • Split and Join
    • Track Volume
    • Working with Loops from the Loop Browser (big Eyeball)

Adding Images and Markers

  1. Artwork to a marker
  2. URL to a marker
  3. Chapter Titles
  4. Deleting a marker

Adding Epsisode Artwork

  1. Editing/cropping episode artwork
  2. Editing Episode information
    • Select Podcast Track and choose information
  3. Ducking Backing Vocals

Export your podcast to disk

  1. Share > Export Podcast to Disk...
  2. Choose AAC
  3. Choose compression type

Tips to prevent catastrophe

  • Work locally. Never open a file or work over the network
  • Save often!
  • Keep media files small
    • Image files: resize/crop first in Photoshop
    • Audio files: edit first in Audacity
  • Normalize your audio first in Audacity
  • Use simple filenames when importing media into GarageBand
    • No special characters !@#$%^&*/... or spaces
    • Keep filename short (under 10 characters)
  • Lock your tracks in GarageBand when you're done editing them
  • Save before final export
  • Quit GarageBand before moving files around

Additional Resources

  • from on campus, get a username and password from the Computer Center front desk for off campus use - Check out GarageBand 09 Essential Training