Harassing emails or voicemails

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Evergreen does its best to limit incoming harassing messages. We currently have our directory behind the CAS login to limit outside access to faculty and staff email addresses and phone numbers. Unfortunately, there is not a way to prevent people that have our contact information from sending harassing messages. If the message you receive is threatening in nature they need to be reported to Police Services.

  • For threats left by voice mail; voice mail extension 4500 was set up so users can forward threats to it. Note that this extension is only available on campus and cannot receive direct calls only forwards from another campus extension.
  • For threats left by email; reportincidents@evergreen.edu was set up. Forward the threatening email to this mailbox so police can investigate the threat.

Please note: DO NOT respond to any threatening or harassing messages. This only acts to confirm the contact information is correct for the perpetrator and they know you received the message. If the message is threatening, follow the steps above. If the message is harassing delete it and avoid responding.