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The purpose of this site

To provide quick, easy and up-to-date information about computing and IT at Evergreen. Because it's a wiki any Evergreen community member can contribute to our shared knowledge about technology and computing and Evergreen.

Basic Navigation

The front page is the best place to start your quest. Some of the most popular articles and categories are linked directly off of the front page, in other instances front page links direct you to category pages. Category pages list all articles related to a certain topics. Some articles may be cross-referenced if they pertain to more than one topic.

I can't find what I'm looking for

Try the search box. You can also look at a listing of all articles written.

Who can contribute?

Any Evergreen community member with a valid Evergreen login. Before you dig in, make sure to swing by the Contributor's Lounge to learn about how best to contribute to this project.


This project began as the IT Survival Guide by students in the Information Landscapes program in 2005/2006.