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When using Dragonframe at home the initial setup will be different than working in our labs. This article is based on using Canon DSLR camera. IF you are using another camera it could be slightly different.

  • If you are using Dragonframe with a camera you can use the Basic Animation 2D article with the changes below.
  • If you are using Dragonframe Tether with Dragonframe there is a Dragonframe Tether article.

Camera Settings

Dragonframe has a support information for a variety of cameras

Check the following setting on the Canon DSLR cameras

Camera Dial

  • Set the Mode Dial to Manual (M)

Camera Menu Settings

  • Set Red-eye reduc. to Disable.
  • Set Auto Lighting Optimizer to Off
  • Live View Shoot. to Enable
  • Set Live View shooting AF mode to Quick mode or Live mode (but NOT face detection mode)
  • Set Aspect ratio to 3:2
  • Set Auto rotate to Off.

Lens Settings

  • Set Lens to Auto Focus 
  • Set Image Stabilization to Off

Getting Ready

  • Set up your camera with a stable shot
  • Think about the framing of the artwork.
    • 16x9 or 4x3?

Set Up Artwork

  1. Arrange your artwork
  2. Adjust you lights
  3. Check for reflections


  • Try to have uniform lighting over your artwork
  • Try not to mix different light color temperatures if possible.
  • Watch out for light sources that could change
    • Light from a window might change as clouds block the sun

Color Temperature


  • Different lights will have different color temperature ranging from red to blue
  • The temperature is measured in a unit called kelvins
  • Many bulbs will come with a specific kelvins label
  • "Soft white" bulls around 2500 - 2700K

White Balance

You need to set the white balance of the camera from within Dragonframe.

  • Auto - This setting could change from shot to shot. Try not to use.
  • Daylight - 5200K. Use if you are using daylight or daylight balanced bulbs
  • Tungsten - 3200K - For studio lights
  • White fluorescent light - 4000K
  • If you have bulbs with a specific kelvin rating try to match that setting

Manual White Balance

With the Canon cameras there is option for manual under the white balance choices. In the Canon camera the custom white balance needs to be set.

Prepare the Shot
  1. Position the art work.
  2. Set up the desired lighting
  3. Set the exposure and focus setting in Dragonframe.
Set the Custom White Balance
  1. Disconnect the usb cable from the camera
  2. Take a photo of the art work. You will need a memory card in the camera.
  3. On the camera press the Menu button.
  4. Go to the Shooting Menu 2.
  5. Select Custom White Balance and press Set
  6. Select the desired photo and press Set
Set the White Balance in Dragonframe
  1. Connect the USB cable to the camera
  2. In Dragonframe set the White balance to manual