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In Fall of 2010, Apple updated iMovie as part of iLife 2011. With this update, the successful iMovie '09 interface and functionality was expanded to offer new editing features, audio editing, and the ability to make trailers using built-in storyboards. IMovie 2011 is an easy to use, powerful video editor. It is designed for everyday users - people new to making video and possibly taking more video with a digital camera than their camcorder.

iMovie keeps your rough video footage in an event library, where you can "favorite" or "reject" pieces of it. The Events help you organize and manage your video clips before creating a project.

Your project library is managed separately, and can be placed on a local drive or an external hard drive. Create a new project and then drag clips or photos into the project. You can use premade themes as well.

iMovie 2011 has a number of built-in upload options including Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook. You can also export video files to your computer.

Apple has a great set of video tutorials to help you 
quickly get started with iMovie

Experienced videographers might still find some frustration with the iMovie, but they're probably more upset about the changes to Final Cut Pro anyway. A version of iMovie is now available for iPhone and iPad users as well, though not for all models.

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