Import Photos- iPhoto

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One of the first steps in using iPhoto is to move pictures from your digital camera to your desktop or laptop computer. This process is often called capturing or importing.

When you connect your camera to your Mac, iPhoto should open automatically and prompt you about importing pictures. After importing, it will ask you if you would like to delete the original pictures off of your digital camera.

You will need a digital camera and the proper connection cable to copy the video from the camera to the computer. At Evergreen, you can check out a camera and any necessary accessories (including cables) from Media Loan, located in the Library building.

If you only have an SD card with pictures taken by your digital camera, you will need a card reader instead.

To import image files or photos from your Desktop, you can drag them to the iPhoto icon in the Dock.

Apple has a great video to show you how to import pictures to iPhoto:
Apple Tutorial 1:15min