Import Video File - Audition

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A Multitrack Session in Audition can import a video file so that you can work on a soundtrack for the video. Only one video can be imported at a time.

Create a Multitrack Session

If you do not have have a Multitrack Session you will need to make one

  1. On the your Desktop drive create a new folder with your name.
  2. In Audition go to File > Multitrack Session and set the following settings:
    1. Session Name: use a meaningful name.
    2. Folder Location: Click Browse and select your folder on your Desktop.
    3. Template : None
    4. Sample Rate: 48000
    5. Bit Depth : 24
    6. Master: Stereo
    7. Click OK

Import a Video File

A session can contain only one video clip at a time.

  1. Go to Multitrack > Tracks > Add Video Track
  2. Click on the Video Track
  3. Go to Multitrack > Insert Files...
  4. In the new window select the video file an click Open
  5. In the Files wondow select the video file and drag it to the beginning of the Video track
  6. The video can be viewed in the Video window

View the Video

  1. Go to Window > Workspace > Edit Audio to Video
  2. The Video window will now be larger
  3. Widows can be resized and re-arranged.